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What’s inside??’s a mystery.

These particular boxes contain a mix of items from our closing-down sale in Carrick on Shannon and some of our new brands. The brands and items vary from box to box. Some are packed in a bag whilst others are in a box, this is purely due to the fact we ran out of bags mid way through. They are hugely discounted so they are an amazing bargain however they may not be to everyone’s taste.

If you have any doubts at all about our mystery boxes then we would suggest not ordering. We would direct you instead to our sale section where you can see exactly what you are ordering. The value of the box far exceeds the contents however it may not be to everyone’s taste and for that reason if you are not into surprises we would advise against ordering.

please note we cannot personalise boxes to suit an individual need, these boxes have been pre-packed and cannot be opened prior to shipping. So please keep in mind if ordering two boxes it is possible to receive the same item twice.

The season varies from box to box so please keep in mind when ordering that there may be summer or winter items in your box.